Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sighting: Dragon Ball Online

It's Dragon Ball, and its online. If that's your thing, feel free to scream in glee.
A new teaser site for the game has popped up with some information about the game, as well as an interactive minigame to waste some time with. The game will launch with three playable races, Humans, Nemecians, (the green guys with turbans like Piccolo) and the Majin, spawn of that weird fat pink bubblegum thing late in the series, as well as multiple classes, such as mystics, martial artists, and engineers. The characters start at level 1 as children, and much like the flow of the cartoon get more powerful as they grow up.
Time travel is suppose to play a roll in the game giving the player the chance to relive their favorite battles from the TV series.
No solid news on when the game will be available to the public, but the opening of the official website is a good indication it is on the way.

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