Sunday, July 26, 2009

MapleStory Must Die

It is a rare thing when a MMO gains such popularity that it actually has multiple TV commercials airing in the united states. So rare in fact that only a small hand full have ever achieved such market penetration in the history of the medium.
What completely befuddles me is how this one particular game released in 2005 managed to ascend beyond the obscure realm from which it spawned, and become a international super Juggernaut that claims to have enough concurrent worldwide accounts to fill a small nation.
It befuddles me because the game is horrible!
No not World of Warcraft; I am talking about MapleStory.
If you have never at least heard of this game then I do not really know how you found this blog.
MapleStory is the flagship MMORPG from Nexon; the companies bread, and butter.
When it launched back in 05 it was a one of a kind game, a 2D platformer MMORPG where you ran, and jumped, and fought much like in the old Castlevania games. It also pioneered another innovation that has become almost standard among eastern, and even some western MMOs, the Free to Play, and cash shop systems.
Rather then having to buy a boxed copy of the game and then pay a subscription on top of that, players instead were able to download the full game directly from the developer, and play as much as they wanted for free. Then if they REALLY liked it they could pay real money for special items, and clothing unattainable though normal play. Back in the early to mid 2000's this was a radical departure from the standard pay to play norms of almost all MMOs, and was the key to the games early success.
Nexon throwing up banner ads from hell to breakfast also might have had something to do with it as well.

But times change better games come out, and MapleStory must die!

The very fact this game has the astronomical sum of 70 million world wide accounts just sickens me. Well that's actually a lie, the 70 million accounts I mean, not me being sick.
MapleStory being a free game, an account costs no money, so many people create multiple accounts for whatever reason.
Then you have to factor in the millions of dead accounts, closed accounts, banned accounts, and god only knows how many of those 70 million are goldfarmer/goldseller accounts.

The day the game was released its graphics were already a decade out of date.
I am by no means a graphic snob, but when you launch a 2D title that looks like a TurboGrafx game, has 3 frames of movement, and pixels large enough to kill a small dog YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!
Of course Nexon has used the fact the game looks like Bonk's Revenge to their advantage.
MapleStory is constantly updated with new zones, and mobs because they are just so piss easy to make. What they have never updated however, is the games frustrating, tedious, and completely broken gameplay.
To start, why make your MMO a platformer at all when the characters can barely jump as high as Mario in the original DonkeyKong? You are not going to clear any rolling barrels with those weak ups, and you are certainly not going to jump over the games mobs, which deal damage to the player just by casually rubbing against them. This has created an enormous problem since the games release, and has never been addressed.
To get through groups of mobs you either have to kill them, or just run through them, and take the damage.
“Whats the big deal with that? Just kill em.” you say.
That's where the problem with MapleStory's monster claim system comes in.
Say you are fighting a monster trying to level up, I come rolling in, and see you fighting this thing in the way of where I am going. I am a pretty high level guy, but for whatever reason I don't feel like taking the damage running through your mob, so I hit it, and kill it.
The game credits me with the mobs kill instead of you, and all that fighting was for nothing, You are now mad at me, and will probably start shouting at me in misspelled caps locked sentence fragments about how I am a kill stealing fag, and you hope my mother dies of malaria or something equally ridiculous.
Which segways to the games worst aspect, the player base.
If you are a regular player of MapleStory, please do not take this the wrong way, but you're an idiot.
Everyone either is, or at the very least acts like they are 13 years old.
MapleStory has become the 4chan of the MMO kingdom. A feted warren of raw concentrated dickery, where all logic, kindness, and common sense has long died, dried up, and blown away. This goes for all forums, and online communities associated with the game as well; doubly so for the godless pit known as

The most terrifying thing about Maplestory is not even the game itself, rather it is other developers looking at its numbers, mistaking it for an actual good game, and making clones of it.
Wind Slayer. Ghost Online, WonderKing Online, all near identical carbon copies of a game that is fundamentally broken.
LaTale is the only exception, being the only MMO platformer that has come in the wake of the MapleStory craze that is even worth playing at all, because it's the only one that at least attempts to fix whats wrong with the formula.

With the unbelievable amount of free online games on the market now, there is no reason to still be playing this broken crappy game anymore.
If you have never played MapleStory, don't.
If you use to play it, and wonder if you should try it again to see if it has got any better, it hasn't.
If you are playing MapleStory right now, stop, and look at all the infinitely better options you have.

No wait.

Learn to spell first, then go find something better.

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