Saturday, June 20, 2009

GhostX Closed Beta Impressions

What do these three games have in common?

Absolutely nothing.

Until I found GhostX
Game Website

A weird looking, horribly translated free to play South Korean online game in Beta Testing I figured I would play for a day, and delete.

It has been over a month and I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT!

GhostX is a game that has absolutely no obvious reason to be as fun as it is.
The graphics are horrible, the game is laggy, the missions are insipid, and repetitive, the Bosses are either stupidly easy, or stupidly cheap.
I could go on, and on naming reasons why this game should suck;
yet it doesn't.

The general idea of the game is you are some anime looking schmo in downtown Seoul South Korea fighting an invasion of demons and spirits that look like they escaped from a Tim Burton fever dream.

Rather then fight with regular weapons, you have these little freaky one eye creatures that act as both a noncombat pet, and you're weapon. the whole game is centered around building, fusing, evolving, and collecting them to get more and more crunk looking weapons. It's like Pokemon, only instead of Pikachu getting some crappy single animation Thunder Turd at level 12 it turns into a electrified battle axe that lets you cut down swaths of monsters.

I became so enamored with this game that I even made a video.

Then I made another.
And another.
And then another!

It is the classic peanut butter and chocolate scenario.
The combination of Brawler, Online RPG, and the gotta-catch-em-allness of Pokemon create a game that while technically doing nothing that new, still feel fresh and interesting enough to warrant far more attention then this little diamond in the rough has been getting.

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  1. how that video of u against G is gr8 lmao

    I'm almost i hope i own him as much as you lol